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Executive Coach builders

Over 30 Years Of Excellence
Established in 1976, Executive Coach Builders, INC (ECB) continues to lead the limousine industry with quality, dependability and customer service. As a trusted name in the limousine industry, ECB brings a fresh and innovative approach to the art of the stretch limousine and limo sales.

Welcome to ECB Limousines

Home of the top QVM SUV Limousine Manufacturer

Executive Coach Builders has built a reputation on absolute quality, progressive design, innovative engineering and outstanding service. As the second largest limousine builder in the world for all limo sales, Executive Coach Builders has maintained a focus on custom luxury limousine manufacturing since our first model in 1976. Recognized by Ford Motor Company as a QVM Award Winner, we've consistently drawn accolades from the experts at LCT Magazine, Limousine Digest and countless happy owners alike. Experience makes a difference - the Executive difference.

Producing Over 600 Limousines A Year

Operating out of a 100,000 sq ft state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, ECB currently produces about 600 limousines per year. With headquarters located in Springfield, Missouri, ECB provides luxury stretch limousines worldwide.

ecb limos head office
ECB Limousines Head Office



Limousine Index

  • 72 MKT President
    72" MKT President 72 MKT President
  • 120 MKT Evo
    120" MKT Evolution #
  • 120 MKT Icon
    120" MKT Icon #
  • 120 MKT CL
    120" MKT CL #
  • 120 MKT 5 Door Evolution
    120" MKT 5 Door Evolution #
  • 120 MKT 5 Door ICON
    120" MKT 5 Door ICON #
  • 120 MKT 5 Door CL
    120" MKT 5 Door CL #
  • Ford Diplomat Navigator Limo
    Diplomat Navigator #
  • 140 Chrysler Icon
    140" Chrysler Icon #
  • 140 Navigator Evolution Limo
    140 Navigator Evolution #
  • 140 Expedition Icon Limo
    140 Expedition Icon #
  • 140 Navigator Icon  Limo
    140 Navigator Icon #
  • 70 President Limo
    70 President #
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